Post Acquisition Excellence

Focused post acquisition management is an ultimate commitment of this firm”. We heavily invest time and effort to build the necessary trust and commitment with key executives and partners of our portfolio companies.

We believe that the only way for an Egypt based, world class investment firm like Feather Invest is to build its credibility not only through closing deals but also by demonstrating serious operational expertise and post-acquisition excellence.

Our commitment to post acquisition excellence starts by attracting talent both from an operational as well as financial and strategic backgrounds. We take pride in claiming that our deal teams “roll up their sleeves” and work with management teams on splitting an ambitious growth plan for the different business we acquire.

Rolling up sleeves is not the only value of Feather Invest with its partners. We also work very hard on steering the different operational initiatives into a wider picture of a 3 to 5 year strategy that is pre-agreed with our partners and ultimately achieves a profitable exit for the firm’s investors upon exit.

The firm adopts 6 levels of portfolio management techniques as shown below which are accompanied by a robust board and executive committee decision making system.

Proper reporting, fast decision making and ensuring management teams are on board with all decisions is of prime importance to the success of our portfolio management work.

Feather Invest’s management and leadership team aims to build a culture of operational excellence which stems from the main fundamental that a successful exit is an outcome of as many sustainable competitive advantages our team is able to adopt within an acquired business.

Post aquisition Practices