Guiding Principles

Feather Invest’s leadership team dedicates extended effort and time to glorify its “reason d’etre” and live by its guiding principles. The firm’s guiding principles have been at the center of our attention when attracting our team members, leadership team, potential partners and service providers.

We believe that Feather Invest is a living example of generating superior economic returns through world class investment practices, business ethic, integrity, and credibility (both on the personal and business levels).

Lying at the center of our attention comes trust building and credibility which have taken long years from our founder team to culminate and protect.

Evolving from such a base, we have devised Feather Invest's set of key guiding principles.

Speed, Transparency and Focus

Those three concepts form the key ingredients of our credibility building process. The firm takes those principles very seriously and hold itself as well as its team accountable for preserving a firm culture that nurtures and enhances those three principles wherever and whenever we operate.

Industry Expertise, Deal Execution, Team

Hand in hand with our business ethic and integrity principles, the firm gives ultimate focus and attention to the tactics and dynamics of the private equity profession.

We believe that superior returns can only be attained through deep industry expertise, disciplined deal execution, and a top quality down to earth investment team that is inspired by the job and exerts extra miles of hard work and commitment to building their own experience and the companies they acquire and manage throughout the years.